Adopt more proactive approach to achieve zero incident: AK Mishra


    Jamshedpur, March 10: Tata Steel on Friday organised the closing ceremony of National Safety Week at Steelenium hall. A K Mishra, Chief inspector of factories, Govt. of Jharkhand graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

    A K Mishra appreciated the Tata Steel safety performance & commitment from all shop floor leaders. He explained the importance of National safety council & appraised Tata Steel to be world class in Safety.

    He briefly explained about the contribution hazards in hazardous industries & asked gathering to mitigate it on the basis of Find it, Fixed it & Own it’ concept. He also mentioned that as an Industry safety leader, Tata steel should play vital role & adopt some more proactive approach to achieve zero incident.

    R Ravi Prasad, President, TWU explained the journey of safety excellence & positive contribution from Tata Workers Union in excellence journey of Tata Steel. He told we should ensure that whoever enters inside work premises, they must return home safely.

    He explained the contribution of all UCM, who are involved in Tata Steel’s journey through their part in apex committee, JDC & AIC. He explained that TWU, have made safety ABP for systemize contribution.

    Suresh Kumar (VP-SS) & Factory Manager of Tata Steel thanked the chief inspector of factories, Jharkhand for his kind advise & guidance to achieve zero incident at Tata steel.

    The ceremony was facilitated through safety department under the guidance of Chief safety (India & SEA) V N Gaikwad, Head, safety continuous in improvement Agam Kumar & Head workplace safety R K Sinha. Different inter divisional safety competition like-Safety quiz, Model department in CSM implementation, Best life saver etc.


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