Action to be taken against violation of Forest Conservation Act


    Chaibasa: The despatch of iron ore is banned due to indulgent in excess production of Iron ore within the lease area of mines by mining companies in Noamundi Block.

    The Government has imposed penalty on mining companies for excess production under MMDR Act.” said district mining officer Chiabasa Madan Mohan Singh.

    When he DMO was asked : why simply penalty why not FIR against the companies since the excess mining is done in Reserve Forest violating Forest Conservation Act, Environment Protection Act , MMDR Act without having clearance from environment , forest and IBM as that caused irreversible damage to flora and fuana .

    How such companies were issued Mining Chalan by mining Department for transportation of Iron ore from the Mines . Is not that the Mining Department equally responsible for allowing them to carry out such business in supporting them with mining chalan ?

    In replay DMO said that as the excess mining was operated within the lease area so question of FIR does not arise .

    Government has asked the Mining companies to pay the penalty amount as soon as possible . He added that for resumption of Mining operation we have submitted our report to Government for further action.

    On the other hand Mining companies are in consultation with various option including legal action.

    One of the mining lease with anonymity assumed that after Bihar Election there may be power shift within the BJP in Jharkahnd and new chief Minister may be appointed.

    When he was asked that the Government is in a mood to auction the mines . He said that according to MMDR Act 2015 amendment, The mines that are already in lease can not be auctioned captive till 2030 and non captive 2020. He added we are watching the mood of the government closely.


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