Abandoned bag creates panic at Tatanagar station


    Jamshedpur: A panicky situation was created at Tatanagar railway station with the recovery of the blue trolley bag used by culprits to carry the dead body of Chayanika Kumari on the footpath between the entry and exit gates on Friday evening. Several people noticed the bag kept in an abandoned condition for more than seven hours. No one came forward to claim possession of the bag whose contents remained a puzzle before the bag was opened by the bomb disposal squad from Ranchi with the help of district police.

    Several passengers informed the local police about the bag. After some time, Bagbera police reached the scene, but soon returned without checking the bag. Later, the bomb squad was called from Ranchi. In the meantime, someone pushed the bag to test whether it contained explosives. Despite the panicky situation, police did not cordon the area or block the road for public safety.


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