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5th Hindi Mahotsav at Srinath University


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Jamshedpur, Dec 16: The 5th Srinath Hindi Mahotsav will be held between December 17 and 19 at Srinath University.  The Hindi Mahotsav, an annual event, is being organized by Srinath College of Education since 2016. This will be the first occasion when Srinath University will be hosting the event after attaining the University status.  In the 5th edition of Hindi Mahotsav, apart from colleges and universities, participation of schools too has been ensured. The number of competitive categories has been increased to 21. The newly included competitive events will include, ‘Shabd Rupantaran’, ‘Muhavro se Muhavro tak’, ‘Bol Mere Andaz Mera’, ‘Pratik Chinh Nirman’ and ‘Meem Nirman’.

 The first Hindi Mahotsav celebration was in 2016 when three competitive events, ‘Sahitya,’ ‘Sanskrit’ and ‘Siksha’ were organized. In 2019, one more item was introduced in the form of ‘Srijan,’ and in the 5th episode of Hindi Mahotsav, a new event, ‘Sangeet’ has been added. The use of technology in the competitions, make the proceedings more interesting.

The speakers in the 5th Hindi Mahotsav will include prominent names like Dr Chandrakala Tripathy,

a retired professor of BHU, Akhilesh, editor of famous Hindi magazine’ Tadbhav’, Vibhuti Narayan, former Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University and the speaker for third day will be Dr Rakesh Mishra, Asst. professor of Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University in Wardha.

Many speakers from abroad like Alka Dandpat from Mauritius University, Sanjay Agnihotri from Australia, Anup Bhargava from USA, Manish Kumar Singh and Ekta Singh from South Africa  and Ritesh Singh from Kenya will join as speakers online and l add to the glitter of the Mahotsav.

 Many experts of Hindi language and literature will play  important roles as judges in the competitions during hindi Mahotsav in its fifth edition. 


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