120 Class 9 students of DBMS detained, ruckus in school


    Jamshedpur, March 14: Around 120 students of DBMS English School located in Kadma BH Area have been detained in Class 9 for their dismal performance in the final exams, results of which were announced on Monday. Of the 60 students of Class 9 D, only 3 students have been promoted.

    Consequently, several detained students along with their parents created ruckus inside the school campus for hours on Monday holding the school authorities responsible for the situation. On the other hand, the school managing committee said that all the detained students are very weak in their study.

    According to Right to Education Act, we can’t detain a student up to Class 8 and if they don’t perform well in their Class 9 we are bound to detain the weak students so that they can compete in the Class 10 ICSE board exams,” the school managing committee said.


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